Company Presentation

Since day one, our mission has been to employ sustainable, innovative and scientific methods in procuring natural resources for our products, while maintaining strict quality standards upheld by a stringent organic approach that steers away from chemical additives. While realizing the importance of safeguarding the environment, it has always been clear to us the challenges involved in persuading consumers to pay more for the sake of preserving the environment. That is why no product we produce is deemed premium enough without being cost-effective and environmentally friendly in its own right.

Coconut Charcoal

Our Premium Toros ® coconut briquettes are not just environmentally friendly but also neutrally flavorsome, owing to their unique chemical composition besides their odorless & smoke-free burning characteristics. The result is healthy and deliciously roasted food. Moreover, Toros® coconut briquettes emit minimal flames and leave negligible ash residue, making them perfect for use in urban environments.

Hardwood Charcoal

Sourced from the finest “Guayacan” & “White Quebracho” trees across South America, our premium Toros® lump hardwood charcoal endows your barbecue and shisha with a unique and especially flavorsome wood-smoked aroma.

Lights Quickly, Burns Hot
Toros® charcoal lights easily and heats up in a flash, so you are ready to cook in minutes. Additionally, it burns hotter, longer and cleaner than comparable charcoal, with less residual ash for faster cleanup.

Shisha Charcoal

Our Shisha charcoal Cubes, hexagonal made from 100% Coconut shell, and burns nearly 4 times slower than other charcoals. Here are some key benefits to using Coconut coal:

  • They do not give a harsh or charcoal taste, and do not contain any chemicals which speed its ignition.
  • They are 100% natural and do not produce unbearable fume scents like other coal types.