Shisha Charcoal


For Shisha we offer you two of our international brands made in Indonesia:

  1. Hot Diamond (Middle Eastern Grade) 3 different sizes and shapes:
    * Hexagonal 50*20 mm;
    * cubes 22*22 mm;
    * cubes 25*25mm
  2. Toros Shisha Cubes 26*26 mm (European Grade)

Our Shisha charcoal Cubes, hexagonal made from 100% Coconut shell, and burns nearly 4 times slower than other charcoals. Here are some key benefits to using Coconut coal:

  • They do not give a harsh or charcoal taste, and do not contain any chemicals which speed its ignition.
  • They are 100% natural and do not produce unbearable fume scents like other coal types.
  • They are stronger than most coals and will not crumble easily when picked up with tongs.
  • The ash that is left once they burn is thick and of white colour and does not fly around like some other coal types.
  • They can last up to 2.5 hours before completely losing their effect.