Hardwood Charcoal


Particularly Flavorsome

Sourced from the finest “Guayacan” & “White Quebracho” trees across South America, our premium Toros® lump hardwood charcoal endows your barbecue and shisha with a unique and especially flavorsome wood-smoked aroma.


Lights Quickly, Burns Hot

Toros® charcoal lights easily and heats up in a flash, so you are ready to cook in minutes. Additionally, it burns hotter, longer and cleaner than comparable charcoal, with less residual ash for faster cleanup.


Eco-Friendly, Natural & Versatile

Toros® is sourced from renewable and completely natural South American hardwood with no chemical additives. It is suitable for most smokers, in addition to ceramic and non-ceramic grills.


Beautifully Imperfect

Toros® hardwood charcoal comes in dissimilar shapes because it has never been pressed like synthetic briquettes. That means better responsiveness to changes in oxygen level and superior temperature control for high/low temperature searing and extended smoking.