Coconut Charcoal


Neutral flavor, Odorless & Smoke-free

Our Premium Toros ® coconut briquettes are not just environmentally friendly but also neutrally flavorsome, owing to their unique chemical composition besides their odorless & smoke-free burning characteristics. The result is healthy and deliciously roasted food. Moreover, Toros® coconut briquettes emit minimal flames and leave negligible ash residue, making them perfect for use in urban environments.


High Combustion Temperature

While ordinary hardwood charcoal burns at 250 degrees, Toros ® coconut briquettes sizzle at a scorching 350 degrees, thus providing superb warming potential and great economic sense.


Eco-Friendly & Natural

Not a single tree is cut in the procurement process of Toros® coconut charcoal, which is completely natural with no chemical additives or mineral binders.


Consistent combustion without air blower

Coconut charcoal releases heat more consistently for easier cooking and even grilling. More importantly, it doesn’t require an air blower.


Variety of Sizes

Toros® coconut briquettes is available in a variety of shapes and sizes – Cube, Round, Cylinder, Hexagon, Shell – that cater to different usage patterns, whether for Shisha, BBQ or Fireplace.



In addition to its high energy content, Toros ® coconut briquettes charcoal is compacted under optimal pressure to yield dense and high quality briquettes that burn two times longer than traditional wood-based charcoal, thereby negating the need for constant replenishment of the BBQ or fireplace with new coal.